About Peekskill Arts Alliance

Membership & Benefits

Our Mission

The mission of the Peekskill Arts Alliance is to promote and serve the vibrant and diverse arts community in Peekskill and the Hudson Valley. The PAA presents arts events; fosters collaboration among artists, businesses, regional partners, and the public; engages new audiences; identifies sources of funding; and raises public awareness, appreciation, and recognition of the value of arts in the community.  

The PAA is a 501(c)(3) arts and education organization.


Involvement in Your Artist Community

Being a member has its privileges!  You get to work with and get to know your fellow artists, businesses, city officials, art venues and community organizations.  Involvement in collaborative projects and the PAA itself is a rewarding experience and is also a good resume builder!  Join the PAA and be part of a new and extraordinary organization! 


Who Can Be a Member? 

All disciplines and levels encouraged!  Visual, performing, graphic, commercial arts are welcomed and included!  We welcome artists from Peekskill and the surrounding Hudson River Region. 

Not an Artist? Not a problem!  See our benefits listed on the next page for non-artists, art lovers, business people and more!  



Artist’s Benefits Overview:

·         Membership shows at different venues in our area (1st hanging fee waived!)

·         Artist opportunities listed on member only section of website – from ours and other art organizations

·         Involvement in community art collaborations

·         Opportunities to mix and mingle at pot-luck dinners and other social events

·         Discounted rehearsal space at different venues


PAA Membership and Costs:

Soon as a member you will have exposure on the PAA website.  Here are the details:



Website Presence



Your name listed as a PAA artist member



A 12 image web gallery sampling of your work that YOU can upload and update plus space for your bio and a place to post your events.



Not an Artist?  Not a Problem!






Receive updates on news and happenings and join us for our Pot-Luck dinners.  Mix & Mingle!

$10  - 100


“Friends” Level plus your logo and link on our website and acknowledgement



Receive a Giclee print premium

$100 - 500


Receive an Original etching or photograph premium

$500 – 1,000


Receive an Original one-of-kind art  print premium


and above


Where Your Fees Go 

Membership fees go towards so many projects.  All of our shows require printed materials, advertising and mailings.   The website needs an administrator updating and revising on a regular basis that is funded.  Open Studios is an enormous effort requiring all of the above times 10!  Plus, in the future we hope to be solvent enough to offer Art Grants for students and members. With our membership fees, the PAA plans on providing opportunities and a forum for our community of artists that might not happen without it.  


Please make your check out to:

Peekskill Arts Alliance

P.O. Box 840, Peekskill, NY 10566

ATTN:  Membership

Thank You!


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