Candace Winter

Medium: hand painted paper collage

Phone: 845-528-2405

Location: WCC - Off the Beaten Track

Days Open: Saturday & Sunday

Inspired from the earliest age, my hands, mind and heart have been creating art. As an adult, I have been fortunate enough to work with numerous children making amazing murals in schools throughout Westchester as a teaching artist. Many of the murals have been combinations of pictures the children have made out of cut paper. The papers they use are painted by them using a variety of brushes and tools, from combs to the wheels of a toy car.  It is a method I have adapted from the children’s picture maker, Eric Carle. After the children have carefully cut and assembled their art out of the many colorful papers they made there is always an abundance of tiny snips and pieces left over. Most would simply sweep them up and toss them into the trash, beyond the fact that I hate to waste,  I can not help but see the beauty in each little scrap. I have saved them over the years, grouped them by color and size. It is an incredible pallet! Sure I can make my own papers, and I have, but these have a story, a story from the young hands who made them, more than any one person can tell. So it are these “stories” that have lead me on a journey to create with paper through collage. Creating a colorful journey. A visual conversation. This is my art that lets me play like a child again.

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