Deborah Beck

Medium: painting (oil, gouache, watercolor), printmaking

Phone: 914-734-9144

Website: Deborah's Website

Location: WCC- Off the Beaten Track & Paramount Hudson Valley Gallery

Days Open: Saturday & Sunday

Deborah Beck’s artwork expresses her fascination with the mysteries, rhythms, energies, and patterns of the natural world around us and within us. It communicates a wide range of poetic images feelings. She works in oil, gouache, watercolor, uses various printmaking techniques to suit the desired mood or moment she wishes to capture with immediacy. Her technique combines the best features of abstraction with organic representational imagery. In this way she strives to convey the beauty, and strength of our special human place within the larger ever-changing cosmos. Deborah earned a BA with Honors in Fine Arts from Brandeis University, and an MA in Art Education from New York University. She taught art and drug prevention education for many years, and has continued to teach artist residencies as a teaching artist in a variety of settings. She is an active member of numerous art organizations, and exhibits extensively.

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