Eileen Warmbrand

Medium: Photography and Painting

Phone: 8452081766

Location: WCC- Off the Beaten Track

Days Open: Saturday & Sunday

Once, a photo was pristine; a crop, tearing the pic in half after a break up, ‘photoshop’ where film was developed. I discovered I can erase the ex, or replace him! My photos range from landscape to escape, fixture to texture, mundane to moon dance. I play with the camera, capture what catches my eye. I play with the photo, see what I can find. My paintings are produce of a personal development workshop I created, whether alone, or in group. Through meditation and painting, one meditates to visualize an answer to a personal issue and in a meditative state paints the visualized. Keeping the canvas, the “living document” is continually engaged with. PhotoPoetic is a collection of my poems that I painstakingly pair with my photos to compliment. I am a teacher and eternal student, always engaged, immersed in writing, photography, and painting, dedicated to expanding and creating new collections, and sharing the process of internal discovery to outward artistic expression.

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