Hillary Korn Fontana

Medium: mixed media

Phone: 914-629-7433

Website: Hillary's Website

Location: WCC - Off the Beaten Path

Days Open: Saturday & Sunday

My creativity and love for learning has taken me in many diverse directions exploring new art forms. The balance and intrigue of a project comes to fruition when I can combine multi-layers of mediums that include paint, glass, wood, and found objects of nature and recycled. Before I start that session of creativity, I have already visualized the finished product. It becomes a child with different strengths and personalities. Being a graphic designer for more than 25 years, my goal is always to think out the steps, techniques, and materials to achieve a reaction from my audience. When combining together that feeling and texture I can create new relationships and expressions in my art. I am most fond of concepts that explore compelling themes, words and spirituality. I like to think that art is my form of therapy.


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