Mujgan Agardici

Medium: Pyrography

Phone: (914) 486-8363

Location: WCC - Off the Beaten Track

Days Open: Saturday & Sunday

I, Mujgan S. Agardici am an artist, having graduated The Fine Arts Academy – Painting Division in Istanbul, 1987. I have worked as an artist in many fields over the years. Such include painting, miniature, interior design, stained glass and marbling. I have also joined many group exhibitions as well as two solo exhibitions and arts & crafts festivals. I have worked as an art teacher for two years. Since September, 2015, I have consistently worked on pyrography / wood-burning artwork. I have joined many exhibitions since the beginning of 2017 with my pyrography artworks.

Pyrography is a very old technique – “writing with fire”, from the Greek “pur” (fire) and “graphos” (writing). It is the ancient method of creating beautiful and unique works of art that never fade.

Since I have started pyrographic art, I have learned many different kinds of wood reactions when burned. Some do not allow making the burning process easy. Others fail at double varnish. I have had many failures in order to obtain this information.

I realized that If I could draw softly with patience, I would come up with a much better design. I have worked hard in order to learn different techniques about each unique wood. Through this, I can create any design by being able to handle different wood reactions appropriately.

I believe that many people have talent, but to have creativity and be a real artist, one needs to have inspiration and be able to show that inspiration in art. I still feel as if I am a child who is excited to learn newer art techniques, discover different parts of nature and create new projects. I love everything about nature because nature itself is the best artist who shows me the many opportunities to discover in art.

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