Robin Kline

Medium: Pottery

Website: Robin's Website

Location: Truck Stop Gallery

Days Open: Saturday & Sunday

I first saw the magic of clay when I was seventeen and watched someone throw a pot on a wheel. How a lump of clay, turned around on a wheel becomes a form was mystifying. Although it was a few years before I had the chance to work with clay myself, a love affair began that has continued and deepened.

My education as a potter consisted of night-time classes and practicing in every spare moment I had. I began at the Brookline Center for the Arts and after moving to New York City I studied with Bob Barry at the Earthworks program at the West YMCA in New York. I then experienced a 12 year hiatus, while raising young children and working full time and when I returned to the Y to study with Outi Putkonen I vowed never to leave pottery again. Seventeen years later, I have been true to my word. I left my full-time “day job” 7 years ago and focus most of my time and energy on my pottery these days. My studio experience includes working as an Associate at Mugi studio and teaching at Mugi Studio, the JCC Manhattan and Pottery on Hudson. I am also currently a member of the Peekskill Clay Studios at the Hat Factory and the Peekskill Artists’ Alliance.

Clay has a life of its own and as a potter, I love to interact with the clay’s vitality. The process of throwing, forming a pot on the wheel, completely engages me. I love the challenges of continually trying to refine forms. What I strive for in my work, is to maintain a sense of the process in the finished pieces and to overcome the dichotomy between the fluidity and plasticity of the process of throwing pots and the permanence and often static quality of finished pieces. The phrase that characterizes my esthetic is to achieve “movement in stillness”.

I was challenged by a fellow potter to describe my work in five adjectives and found it a very useful way to focus my goals. The first and most basic is functional. All of my work is meant to serve a function and to be used. The next is instinctive. My work comes from within in an instinctive, non-cerebral way – the process is very basic and essential to who I am. My pots are organic– they relate to natural patterns and biologic rhythms and are inspired by patterns and forms in nature – the designs the tide makes in the sand, the bark of a tree, the colors of a sunset, the shape of a gourd – rhythms and decorations that should seem to grow from the form. My pots are exuberant, full of joyous enthusiasm to reflect the joy and unreserved energy I feel in making them. And finally, they are audacious– I fearlessly take chances in making my pottery and I hope they reflect that verve and originality.

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