Roshi Newman

Medium: mindscapes in oil

Phone: 9144025530

Location: Paramount Hudson Valley Gallery, WCC - Off the Beaten Track

Days Open: Saturday & Sunday

As a ‘non-traditional, non-conformer’ the “Bio” which follows is not a list of
educational accomplishments (which are happily provided upon request), but a
description of the evolution of my artistic vocabulary.

I can distill my artistic vision into the areas of Color, Form, Motion,
Thought and Design:

Color:  I’m not sure how many children argue over shades or tones of color,
but as a child I did.  It took years for me to understand that I saw a depth
of color not available to everyone.  The language of my art emerged as I
learned to incorporate the colors I see.

Form:  Growing up during the Depression, my “toys” consisted of whatever could
be made by hand, sewn, drawn, carved or painted.  While both of my parents
worked, I was imagining picture compositions out of clouds during the long
afternoons.  The setting sun and subsequent color gradations taught me that
all images are possible combining stimulatory forms and colors.

Motion:  Movement is in everything and all of the paintings in my oeuvre
convey a sense of movement.  To my eye, nothing is static.  All of the
combined colors and forms which I see require the element of motion.

Thought:  The visual impact of my surroundings combining color, form, and
motion stimulate my artistic thinking.  These thoughts and images were locked
into visual memory and showed up months or years later in a composition.

By dissecting the works of museum displayed masterpieces, my early training
was to integrate thought into my own pieces.  My drive and hunger to paint and
express these thoughts visually also proved to be an excellent educational

Design:  Incorporating color, form, motion, and thought into a cohesive whole
results in my own distinctive element of design.

Although my artistic vocabulary has evolved, I continue to utilize the five
principles outlined above and integrate them into all of my artistic
endeavors.  Inquiries about my work and ideas are always welcome.

Ascending the path to my “Mindscapes” is to take flight with my vision and to transcend the limits of a canvas.   The higher this path travels, the deeper the magic and whimsy of the view.  With eyes closed our mind and memory can weave a story that is like a generously devised tapestry of ideas   937-564-2170

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