Paramount Hudson Valley

Medium: Mixed media

Location: 1008 Brown Street

Days Open: Saturday & Sunday

Transplanted: Hopes, Fears and Dreams

This exhibit featuring PAA artists, curated by Ilse Schreiber-Noll and Yarden Donig Youner, focuses on the trials and tribulations of past and present immigrants to America.

The objective is to depict the struggles, promise, hopes, frustrations and dreams of people transplanted from one culture to another: uprooted and rooted again. This is our heritage.

Located at the Paramount Hudson Valley Gallery, 1008 Brown Street.


Featuring work by:

Karen B Allen, Cristina Altieri, Deborah Beck, Andrew Barthelmes, Bob Barthelmes, Jo-Ann Brody, Larry D’Amico, Hillary Korn Fontana, Mary McFerran, Brian Fass, Linda Jean Fisher, Lawrence Flood, Sonia Lee Garber, Kimberley Gordon, Carole Gersten, Sarah Haviland, Hillary Hostetler, Melinda Hunt, Tom Halsall, Lisa Irving, Wayne Marcus, Renee Moskowitz, Roshi Newman, Toni Quest, Sheilah Rechtschaffer, Walter Rabetz, Marilyn Rabetz, Barbara Smith, Ilse Schreiber-Noll, Shalise Townes, Joan Vogt, Tony Volpe, Lucinda Wei, Rachel Whitney, Candace Winter, Eileen Warmbrand, Cora Weis & Yarden Donig Youner
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