PAA Board Members

(3 Open Positions to be seated by end December 2016)

All positions on the PAA Board are volunteer.

PAA membership is required

Expectations for Board Members:

·         Attend board meetings

·         Maintain confidentiality of board meetings discussions

·         Contribute suggestions and ideas to the board

·         Chairing a Committee is strongly desired

·         Reach out to the community with a positive message about the PAA

·         Reach out to PAA membership to ensure that volunteers provide their skills to enable the PAA to accomplish its mission

Board Meetings: The Board meets 10 times per year.  The time, location and agenda are sent to the board from the President in advance of each meeting.

Contact:  Secretary – Jo-Ann Brody at Secretary


PAA Social Media

Position Description

·         Maintain PAA presence on multiple social medial platforms

·         Post PAA events and individual members’ art events

·         Expand the reach of PAA

·         Develop accounts on Twitter, Instagram, etc.


This position requires updates several times per week.

Contact:  Secretary – Jo-Ann Brody at Secretary

PAA Event Coordinator(s)

Position Description

The Event Coordinator is responsible for managing all aspects of an event.  Each event requires different volunteers whose efforts must be coordinated for a successful event to occur.   

       ·       Oversee a readymade checklist with volunteers

o   Coordinate volunteers who have signed up and/ or recruit additional volunteers

·          Volunteer skills will include: graphics, PR, social media, publicity, etc. and more

·         Ensures that all permits and communications with venues are secure

·         The Event Coordinator reports to the President and attends board meetings during the planning and  execution of all events

Contact:  Secretary – Jo-Ann Brody at Secretary


PAA Public Relations

Position Description

PR is crucial for maintaining and growing the positive impact of the PAA throughout the community

·         Write press releases and prepare information for the media

·         Identify audiences and determine the best way to reach them

·         Respond to requests for information from the media or designate an appropriate spokesperson or   information source

·         Help PAA communicate effectively with the public

·         Develop and maintain our organization's corporate image and identity, using logos and signs

·         Draft speeches and arrange interviews for our board members

·         Evaluate advertising and promotion programs to determine whether they are compatible with the organization’s public relations efforts

Contact:  Secretary – Jo-Ann Brody at Secretary


PAA Grant Writer

Position Description

   The Grant Writer should have previous experience at writing grants

·         Able to seek out new sources for grants

·         Seek funders and fundraising opportunities 

Contact:  Secretary – Jo-Ann Brody at Secretary


PAA Graphics

Position Description

Graphics person should have knowledge of and access to graphic software.  There are many cases in the PAA in which graphic design is used:

·         Create: postcards, flyers, banners, brochures, etc.

·         Work closely with our PR, webmaster, and social media persons

·         Responsible for print ready graphics 

Contact:  Secretary – Jo-Ann Brody at Secretary 


Volunteer Opportunities

Description of volunteer TASKS!  Many hands make light work


You can sign up to help with the amazing Open Studios event and more by clicking here: SIGN UP TODAY!


Computer – Here are some types of computer work we have:

Updating lists, creating labels, and emailing. Facebook tasks like photo uploads, creating invitations, sharing invites on other FB pages


Graphics - Here are some types of graphics tasks we have:

Put together digital postcards with supplied logos, art and text.  Adapting promos to fit different size ad space and more.


Hands - Here are some types of hands on tasks we have: 

Posting flyers in store windows, handing out postcards, manning the info booth at Peekskill gazebo, labeling postcards, assisting in hanging and removing art, collecting paperwork, assisting with exhibit receptions and parties, running errands, assembling sandwich boards, making phone calls, generally being available to help out.


Organizer - Here are some types of organizer tasks we have: 

You would need to be a “People person” for these tasks. We like to have a Point Person for our different events. This person would follow up and keep others on task.  Each event has people doing many different things and a timeline.  We would provide you with a list of things needed along with the people involved plus a volunteer list.  We also have tasks that require organization and follow-through like printing jobs, and collecting info from others into one place. An organizer could also meet with venue owners, performers, art orgs, city officials, business owners for collaboration with events.


Photographer - Here are some types of photographer tasks we have: 

We like to capture our events and gatherings with photos.  Plus, photographing art would be a great bonus!


Writer - Here are some types of writing tasks we have: 

We could always use help with our many documents that need to be proofed and revised.  We also write press releases and letters to our members.  Grant writing is a terrific skill we could always use as well.  You would be provided with all the information to put together these documents. 


Fund Raiser – As a 501(c) not for profit organization, we always need funding.  We would like to request funding from large local businesses and big corporations.  Any type of activity type fundraiser ideas are welcome.


Marketing – Fresh new strategies for branding and getting our name out there are always needed. 


Other – Let us know of what other specialty work you do:





One great way of becoming involved in the art scene in Peekskill is volunteering to help the Peekskill Arts Alliance. Volunteers are encouraged to contact the Arts Alliance to learn of ways to help us grow. Several events throughout the year require many tasks and we welcome all that wish to participate.


  • Time
  • Talent
  • Space for Events/Exhibitions
  • Transportation
  • Resources

Want to help?  Contact Maureen Winzig at 914-438-6084

Thank you!

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